Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Henri Nouwen wrote that God calls us beloved. But in this society it is difficult to hear that. People around us do not affirm us as beloved. And if people do affirm us, we doubt it. So the problem is within and without. We listen to others before we listen to God. The voices of others are louder than God's. We seem to believe in others more than God.

How can we quieten ourselves to hear God first?
How can we learn to trust in God more than others?
If God were to call you by a loving name, what would that be?

For me, God calls me His child. Often I go my own way in my impetous self and regret it. I can see God shaking His loving head and sigh. I often ask, God why do you still love me even I err so much. And His answer is, I know your heart.

In the morning, I will awake and greet God with Good morning, Father. And I can see Him smiling at me and blessing me with a good day.

When I get frustrated with my studies and my writing, I would say, Now what, Father. And He will say, relax, don't fret, I am here with you. Everything will be alright because I am with you.

When I am ill and in pain, I ask God How long? And He will say, I will give you strength to go through it all. I will heal you and you will remember me.

God is my Father, my loving, heavenly Father.

What would my Heavenly Father call you?

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