Wednesday, August 18, 2010


New this week - No. 1 

Natural hair waxing. We went down to Natural Grocers to see what they have that is a natural hair removal. We bought this small kit for about $5.

Name of product: MOOM.

We brought it back and I became the guinea pig. I opened the package and read it. Sounds really simple. I opened up the bottle and got the stick ready to apply. It was a very sticky substance made mainly out of sugar!

So Ivy applied it to under my arms. And I made the first mistake. I put my arms down. Boy! After a little effort of not pulling my skin apart, I put on the cotton cloth and got ready to rip it all off. It really worked! Give and Take. It gave me lots of white cotton fibers and took off what it was supposed to take.

Pain - Of course, it was painful. But we had lots of laugh.

Was the product worth it? Yes. I think I can use it another 30 times.
Will I use it again? Yes, but I need to remember not to put my arms down.

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