Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fun Online Games

They say it's for kids but who cares!

They have lots of ads on top and on the side. But the games are really fun.
Try the Gem Swap 2.

How about Meeblings? Quite silly at first but then it's all about training and strategy. Just don't go to bed with their high-pitched voices in your head.  I got stuck at level 37 - see if you can help me out.

Just let down the fishing line and catch as many fishes as you can. It's almost the same as the one at Chuck E. Cheese's.

Simple Games
Pretty pastel drawings and very safe.

March of the Pengiuns
See if you can keep the egg safe. You would understand better if you have watched the documentary.

Nintendo Games of the 80s
Frogger, Shoot the Duck, and many more....

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