Thursday, August 26, 2010

Storytelling Festival in Frisco

I always love a festival...a storytelling festival! October 8 - 9 at Frisco Public Library, Frisco Square 

And storytelling is one of my passion.
Use storytelling to keep the children quiet. When I was a working as a Children's Minister in Singapore, the Sunday School teachers would implore me, "Tell a story quickly. The children are getting restless."
Use storytelling to make your sermons, or presentations more alive, real, interesting, and stimulating. Look at the good preachers, they are also good storytellers.
Use storytelling to waken a child's imagination.
The art of storytelling entails 3 different components: the storyteller, the story and the listener. The components are the corners of a triangle. Each corner must be well-balanced. The storyteller has to take on the story and watch the listeners to know how to engage them. Different parts of the story need explanation, drama and movement, change of voice and facial expressions, and response from the listeners.

Don't miss the festival!

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