Wednesday, August 18, 2010

May I? Can I?

Language is fun. I know because we use it all the time. We use it to miscommunicate. We manipulate it to control man. We look at it and sigh! And there is sign language, and body language which speaks louder than words. God made language for a purpose. And I think the biggest purpose is to communicate with Him. But then, God does not need a language of words but the language of intentions, and the language of the heart.

So when I ask God "Can I"? He will say you have the ability to do it. Ask again.
So I should ask, "May I?" Because He is Lord God and King Almighty. This would make us servants, slaves, subjects, and worshipers. Our worth, identity, self-concept is based on Him. We are actually utterly nothing without Him.

Think about it. Really it's really fun to come into the ultimate presence of God. And as you think about it, you are using the language created by God.

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