Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Henri Nouwen wrote that God calls us beloved. But in this society it is difficult to hear that. People around us do not affirm us as beloved. And if people do affirm us, we doubt it. So the problem is within and without. We listen to others before we listen to God. The voices of others are louder than God's. We seem to believe in others more than God.

How can we quieten ourselves to hear God first?
How can we learn to trust in God more than others?
If God were to call you by a loving name, what would that be?

For me, God calls me His child. Often I go my own way in my impetous self and regret it. I can see God shaking His loving head and sigh. I often ask, God why do you still love me even I err so much. And His answer is, I know your heart.

In the morning, I will awake and greet God with Good morning, Father. And I can see Him smiling at me and blessing me with a good day.

When I get frustrated with my studies and my writing, I would say, Now what, Father. And He will say, relax, don't fret, I am here with you. Everything will be alright because I am with you.

When I am ill and in pain, I ask God How long? And He will say, I will give you strength to go through it all. I will heal you and you will remember me.

God is my Father, my loving, heavenly Father.

What would my Heavenly Father call you?

What area in your life do you want to grow in?

If there is an area in your life that you want to grow in, what would that be?

I have asked a few people this question, and these are the answers I have received:

Prayer life
Know the Bible
Improve my Thought life
Live a more spirit-filled life
Hear God

What would your answer be?

Texas State Fair

Texas State Fair 2010 is almost here!
Friday, Sept. 24th - Sunday, Oct. 17, 2010
Fair Park in Dallas

Tickets Prices
General Admission: $15
Kids under 48” tall: $11
Seniors 60 and over: $11
Children 2 and under: Free
Seniors 60 and over: Free every Thursday (Sept. 30, Oct. 7 & Oct. 14)

The usual discounts for the past few years:
For Tuesdays,
Bring a Dr. Pepper product and pay $3 for the admission ticket if it's before 5pm.
$5 after 5pm.

For Wednesdays,
Bring 3 cans of food for the local food bank, and pay $1.

For Thursdays,
Bring an empty 20 oz. bottle of a Coca-Cola product for a discounted admission fee.

Other discounts given by:
McDonalds, Dickies, Cinemark, “Save Me Steve”, and radio station KISS-FM

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pray for your children and other children

Mention the children by name as you pray for them.
Use photos of the children as you pray for each of them.
Tell them that you have been praying for them.

31 Days to Pray for Your Children

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Storytelling Festival in Frisco

I always love a festival...a storytelling festival! October 8 - 9 at Frisco Public Library, Frisco Square

And storytelling is one of my passion.
Use storytelling to keep the children quiet. When I was a working as a Children's Minister in Singapore, the Sunday School teachers would implore me, "Tell a story quickly. The children are getting restless."
Use storytelling to make your sermons, or presentations more alive, real, interesting, and stimulating. Look at the good preachers, they are also good storytellers.
Use storytelling to waken a child's imagination.
The art of storytelling entails 3 different components: the storyteller, the story and the listener. The components are the corners of a triangle. Each corner must be well-balanced. The storyteller has to take on the story and watch the listeners to know how to engage them. Different parts of the story need explanation, drama and movement, change of voice and facial expressions, and response from the listeners.

Don't miss the festival!

Reason for this blog

Above all else, guard your heart for it is the wellspring of life. Proverbs 4:23.

This has been my theme verse for the last 10 years. I had a major setback in my life. During that time, I learned how to moan and cry to the Lord. I experienced what it means to recognize my emotions and recover from sadness. I recognized the touch of the Lord on my life. Time does soften the emotions but only when I released the anger to the Lord that I can lift my head, forgive, and move on. God put that verse in my heart at the beginning of the trial. It is so easy to hate those people and take revenge. But that verse has been set in my mind and my heart. I chose to obey, and guarded my heart against all my own plans - whether right or wrong. I made space and time for myself to converse intimately with God, confess my selfishness, and continue on in life.

Ten years down the road, I have matured and learned that God wants us to have an abundant life. He wants us to have a fulfilling life. He wants us to live a life that in on earth but yet focusing heavenward. He wants us to live a life that is joyful. A life that is joyful do come with trials and tribulations. It is how we handle trials and tribulations that makes our life worth living.

This blog is to help others live a life that is fulfilling. The funny pictures is to bring a little smile to your lips. The craft projects are to inspire you to make something nice for yourself or for a friend. The new things I do each week are to encourage you to spice up your life. The practical life ideas is to make life a little easier for those who need it. The travel is to give you ideas on where to go to. The spiritual insights are to bring you closer to God.

My prayer is that God will use this blog to touch someone in a very special way.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What people do with their pencils!

An art! How many can actually do this...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

You can laugh at everyday objects

Some fun photos from


Monday, August 23, 2010

Go Natural

I have been using baking soda and vinegar to clean my house. Believe it or not!

Go Natural

Friday, August 20, 2010

Amazing Sidewalk Pictures

As you look through these photos, remember they are actually flat on the sidewalk. What a gift!  

Artist: Julian Beever

Wonder how he did it?
Wrong view of the image
This is it!

Wonder when he is coming to Dallas?
Which is your favorite sidewalk picture?