Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Something New for the Week

We have been doing something new for the week for the past 4 years now.
Here are a list of things that we do... (I am doing this from memory of what we did for the past 4 years!)

Attended a kid's basketball game (only first time counted)
Went for an estate sale (only first time counted)
Went to restaurants that we've never been to (we have tried so many...)
Check out a store or mall that we've never been to (we love this!)
Play a new game (on-line or board game)
Check out a new garden or park (we love this!)
Drive to a nearby lake (this is a seasonal wow!)
Go for a open house - property, fitness center or animal shelter
Go to Canton First Monday Flea Market
Go to an Art Festival - like Cottonwood Art Festival
Try out a new recipe (another favorite)
Invite someone to our place for dinner - someone who has never been to our place

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