Thursday, September 9, 2010

Rock Barrel

We seem to drive and drive along Sherman Street which is not very long. This is not a place that I want to be at night. When we finally found the store, it didn't look very impressive. But when we went in, it was a hidden treasure. When I say treasure, it's really treasure. Not diamonds but rocks. We went on Thursday but couldn't get enough and went again on Saturday. You get so engrossed, you wouldn't even know who else was at the store. Beads, rocks, and pearls all over the store. Young and old are fascinated with the rocks. It's all so sensual. You hold them in your hands and feel the smoothness and coldness. Then you look at them and see the beauty and uniqueness of each rock. If you have nowhere to go, just pop into the store and look at what God has created.

Their location and contact
13650 TI Blvd, Suite 104
Dallas, TX 75243

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