Thursday, September 9, 2010

How to Use Greenshot

Greenshots is a cool program to capture your computer screen. I use it to give instructions on how to use the computer or website.

Short Tutorial
1. Open the program. There will be an icon at the corner of your monitor or where you place your icons.

2. Find the key on your keyboard that says Print Screen or Print. Press it and you will see lines on your monitor with a cross in the center.
3. Move the cross to the top left hand corner of your image and click and hold the left button of your mouse. Move it to the bottom right hand corner of your image and let go your mouse.
4. Your image is captured and a window will appear with the image.
5. You can now save the image using the icons or click File. Remember to change save as to the format that you want. The most common usable form is JPG.
6. Press Esc (escape) if you do not want to continue capturing the image.
7. To exit the program, go to the icon, click the right button of your mouse and choose Exit.

Tip: Move your mouse arrow away from your image when you hit the Print or Print Screen Key. That way you will not capture your arrow. But if you want your arrow there, then place it in the right place before you hit the Print or Print Screen Key.

Where you can get Greenshot

As you can see, I used Greenshot to generate the images on this tutorial. Have fun!

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  1. how to convert entire full page as image with greeshot