Friday, November 5, 2010

Pet Peeves

I have a pet peeve. Well, I have an issue that troubles me.

Why do Christians say, "So lucky!" Or, "You're so lucky." Or "I have not been ill for the past 3 months" and they knock on a piece of wood. I know that knocking on the wood is to prevent their words turning on itself.

How I wish I can answer, "Well you believe in luck, I believe in God." Or "Luck. What has luck got to do with it?" Or "I prefer to think I am blessed by God."

A friend drove into a car park that at first glance was quite full. We found a space quite near the entrance. She remarked immediately a few times, "We're so lucky, we're so lucky" like a giddy teenager. Being the passenger, I smiled. But inwardly I said, "Thank you Father for blessing us." Why can't I say that out loud. I guess my friend is a Christian who believes in the luck of the coincidence more than our heavenly Father who knows our needs.

Isn't luck just like Doris Day's "que sera sera, whatever will be, will be" ?
Isn't luck like saying please, please to the universe and hoping someone out there will answer?
Isn't luck like a needle in the haystack?

Well, blessings on the other hand is given by God. Blessings is guaranteed because we are God's children. Blessings is a shower of God's love. Blessings is a surprise, a gift that God gives to us to show that He is pleased with us.

Ah...the blessing of blessings!

The challenge is - Emphasis Blessings instead of Luck

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