Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day of Blessing

We went to our favorite restaurant, Lion City where of course Singapore cuisine is served. We ordered 2 dishes and got an extra 4 on the house. We had a fish ball soup, chicken wings and 2 new dishes - cashew nut fried rice and pandan fish. My mouth is salivating just thinking of the food that is in the refrigerator!

A friend posted this on her Facebook which gave me the laughter I needed:

Try  this--> 1. Go to Google Maps. 2. Go to "Get Directions". 3. Type Taiwan as the start location. 4. Type China as the end location. 5. Read STEP 24 of the directions. 6. IF YOU Laugh, then repost.
 Was I lucky? Of course not, we are blessed! God has blessed me today with food and laughter. What a God!

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