Friday, November 12, 2010

Day of Revelation

The wonder of discovering new things amazes me. The first sight of a awe inspiring scene, the execution of an artist, the mastery of a chef, the beauty of words put together - all these makes me realize how God reveals Himself to us.

Today, I discovered how to upload photos to facebook. I learned how to upload my photos to picassa - in original size.

Today I realized that Paul is a minister to the gospel. He preaches and makes sure that the converts are walking right with God. We need to do such.

Four steps to preaching the gospel:
Outreach - they see God in us
Evangelism - they hear the gospel
Baptism - they have to proclaim their faith
Growth - they have to grow in their faith

He is a God of revelation - He reveals Himself to us each and everyday. May we wait and catch a glimpse of Him everyday.

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